About Naked Bear Blog

The Naked Bear Blog was initiated by the UC Berkeley course Food Sustainability and Health in Social Media which is part of Berkeley’s DeCal programMichael Pollan, Knight Professor of Science and Environmental Journalism, is the course sponsor.

The class is facilitated by Nick, Jenna, Alyssa and Scott

  • Jenna Kingkade, a Junior at UC Berkeley, is the course founder; this is her second semester as a facilitator.  She is also the editor of Naked Bear Magazine and previously worked as a sustainability intern for Cal Dining.
  • Nicholas Duffy is a 2nd year UC Berkeley undergraduate planning on majoring in Conservation and Resource Studies. He participated in the Naked Bear Magazine and the Food Sustainability Journalism course in Spring 2010.
  • Scott Shapiro is a 2nd year MBA student at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.  This past summer he interned at Facebook in product marketing.  His passion for all things food, nutrition and fitness haven taken center stage after he turned his health around when he quit his consulting job four years ago.
  • Alyssa Rhoden is a Planetary Sciences PhD candidate and author of An Omnivore’s Decision.  She contributed to Naked Bear Magazine last semester and is now a co-editor.
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